Mona Matsuyama

Mona, a Japanese young woman living in Berlin, was like a breath of fresh air that passed through Vale de Gatos – full of creativity, generosity, serenity and joy of living.  A true pearl.

She arrived with a huge smile, full of confidence in life and in the future.

A promising 19-year-old artist, she decided to travel across Europe from Berlin, with a scholarship that imposed financial limits, but allowed her to develop creativity and skills. Occasionally, she would request to be hosted in different places throughout her trip.

Gifted with an unusual artistic sensibility and a diverse range of knowledge in different areas, such as drawing, painting and music, it was with natural ease that she learned to spin and weave.

She knew how to experience, enjoy and participate in the different components of daily life in this place, as if she had always been part of it, in a discreet, involved and affectionate way. An enriching experience that left unforgettable and very rewarding moments in our memories.