Clarissa Serafim

Clarissa Serafim, of Brazilian origin, got in London a master’s degree in Fashion Production for the Media, focusing on sustainability, from the perspective of the reuse of textiles. Then she quickly felt the need to understand how fabrics are created, going back to the ancestral origins of spinning, weaving and even tapestry. The next step was an application through DGARTES, that allowed her to complete a one-month artist residency, the choice of which fell on Vale de Gatos.

She arrived thrilled by the curiosity to understand and learn from the beginning, keeping in mind the concept of sustainability through the reuse of textiles. The pieces produced also incorporated some of the natural fibers (wool and linen) that were part of her learning of how to spin. Every day a discovery, every day a radiant look, the joy of achievement, with the promise of a return.