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Letting the cat out…


There is a fair amount of them, regularly joined by those who come moved by curiosity and the wish to learn.
And there are also those who embrace an artistic project and find in our looms the keys to take them farther in their play. And those who do not know yet, but who want to, the curious ones, willing to learn about wool and the yarn crafts, how fleece becomes yarn becomes cloth.


Ours is a house «in progress», a family place which as it receives so it gives back. Shares. We envisage every stay as an opportunity to learn.


We believe in the realm of Nature and respect every living being as a fantastic work of creation.


Our sheep are shorn with great care. It is in nature that we seek inspiration and the colours to dye the wool with.


Each skin that goes into the loom is part of an age-old knowledge and a perception of life, which we grow in a sustainable manner and with loving care.

© Valedegatos 2019