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About us

We are a sort of small farm just a few kilometres South of Évora, but inland enough to be able to feel Alentejo’s deep breadth. We are neither an estate nor a rural tourism place; we are a home where the passion for Architecture got together with the love for Weaving.

We have rooms ready to welcome our hosts, a sunny porch and a communal kitchen. We have a small orchard. And we have sheep of the breed Campaniça – which is as good as to say “wool”, intertwining woven stories and other travels.

When we first came to live here we were far from imagining that our doors would open to other lands.

What we have to offer goes beyond the infinite landscapes of hills and the ever-present smell of green in flowers and fruit, we have a huge loom that feels like a room or a room that gives shape to a loom and which is the soul of our Vale.

When you come to visit us do bring with you that sort of caring of those who know that the best things happen only when one is respectful of one’s nature and the fruit of one’s passion.

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